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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning on this wednesday. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison with troy bridges. troy, we have this threat for severe weather that will last for several hours. >> we are talking about 8:00 this morning on through the afternoon drive, even 5:00. by 5:00, most of it is moving over into brevard county and out of the way. let's show you what we are in for as we show you this line developing through the gulf of mexico. we had severe weather overnight. in the panhandle through georgia, severe weather. that's the tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning for marion and for sumter county.
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northeastern zones. marion county, sumter county, lake county. through noon, the chance for strong winds, even tornadoes. that timeline from 10:00 until 2:00 this afternoon, from 2:00 until 5:00 this afternoon, eastern areas, including osceola county, brevard county. eventually it does push out. lots of clouds today. ch plenty of warm muggy air. 81 at 4:00 with an 80% coverage of showers and storms. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center right now. >> t so much. the commute will be getting more complicated very shortly. for right now, not the case. doing fine right now. a live look at i-4 moving past saxson with no issues eastbound and westbound, a crystal clear ride. so far this morning. your drive times looking fantastic on 408 on 417, no issues.
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you'll find the exact same thing traveling i-4 of 95 for the time being. that is your check on traffic. back down to you. >> back now to the weather. we have brand new video just into the news room showing the damage caused after a tornado creates a path of destruction. there are reports of a two mile stretch of damage in pensacola. >> workers searching for people who could be in trouble. mark lehman is following the latest developments. lots of people have lost everything this morning. >> all morning long video come into our news room showing some of the devastating damage. the storm ripped apart homes. right now, the search for victims continues. >> we got invited downstairs. >> storm victims in pensacola describing a two mile path of destruction left mind after a tornado rips through. strong winds tossing trees in the street.
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tearing the roofs off several homes. >> rescue efforts continuing into the morning as emergency crews went door to door searching for victims. the storm system striking here already proven deadly across the south. >> it is a jumbled mess. these travel trailers were picked up, moved a considerable distance and really blown apart, torn apart. >> two people killed and more than 30 hurt. those hiding describe the storm as like something they have never experienced. >> the wind picked up. debris was all over, flying everywhere. sounded like a bomb hitting the house. >> this same weather system is expected to bring the possibility of severe storms today, more than a dozen schools in north florida and georgia have cancel classes in anticipation of more bad weather. >> big clean-up expected there today.
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mark, thank you. troy is going to be back. if you haven't done it already, download our pinpoint weather app. get live radar and updates all day. it is free and in your app store. search wkmg right now. >> more breaking news this time in daytona beach where there are reports of multiple vehicles after a shooting. we know what happened at two different crime scenes. news 6 johnny is working to get answers out there. johnny, what do we know so far. >> according to reports, at least two people shot in the two different locations where the shootings took place. police did clear the scene on ingram boulevard, not that long ago. probably in the last hour. police are not saying much about
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it was an incredibly active scene. we watched as officers swarmed those scenes. one of the victims shot near the police athletic at all. a gunman could be on the loose. i have not heard back from them yet. once i get new updates, i'll pass that information along to you guys. on air and on air and online. online. >> breaking news in election 2016. the nevada caucus results are in. it is another big win for gop front runner donald trump.
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ted cruz followed closely at 21%. voters who were polled showed trump did well among those who prefer a political outsider. while trump says he is excited about this win, he is already looking forward. >> we have had great numbers coming out of texas. amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas. then a couple of weeks later, florida. we love florida. >> many people will be watching supertuesday. that is when voters from more than a dozen states will make their voices heard. mark lehman has a full breakdown of last night's results and what it could mean for the race coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> in just hours, a seminole county mother is set to face a judge. it comes one day after police say this woman shot and killed her son, while he was taking a shower in altamonte springs.
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anything yet about why she allegedly did this? >> there is no known motive at this point. police only saying that ortega did plan to kill her son and the two had a violent history. much of which is expected to come out in court. >> virginia ortega waking up behind bars as the mother accused of shooting her own son to death waits to stand before a judge. nine hours after the shooting, the body of 29-year-old blake howard was taken away by the medical examiner as his photo finally surfaced, neighbors could hardly speak. >> what a tragedy. i can't believe that's him. >> police say real active called when blake didn't show up for work, saying they were worried. when ortega wouldn't answer the door, they had to force their way in in. >> mother and son, that's pretty
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>> i'm sad it happened here. you never what is going on in people's lives and within their homes. you never know. >> we did digging and found out ortega is a medical transcriptionist. we'll be there when she enters court for the first time time. >> kirsten live in seminole county. two lake county high school students accused of bringing a gun to umatilla high school could go before a judge as soon as today. deputies say after getting a tip from a classmate, they found 17-year-old yesterday. deputies say it had no ammo and was inoperable inoperable. both are charged with possessing a gun on school grounds. >> we should find out when a man accused of killing a woman will
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police say his blood alcohol level was twice the limit when he drove the wrong way. investigators say he slammed into another car, killing brandy coleman. he is charminged with vehicular homicide and dui. >> troopers need help. they say the truck hit vasquez yesterday morning. troopers tell us the drivers stopped until vehicles arrived at the scene. he took off before troopers could speak to him. they have not given a obviously, we are watching the weather for you today. if you plan to head out the door you might want to check out the experience. >> it is free admission day. here is a look at last year's free admission day. you are to keep the non-profit
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emissions based on first come first serve basis. the park can hold about 2,000 visitors at a time. i would imagine with the weather the way it is today -- >> yes. >> it is a toss up. >> what can they expect? >> i'm worried about a lot of people planning to go out there. it is a great event to go out and do that every year but man, today is the worst possible timing for that because we are talking about major storms moving in. i'm not acting alarmist. we are talking about strong wind in gainesville. we had a tornado that did touchdown. direction. we'll see a chance for winds up to 50 miles an hour or greater and the possibility of tornadoes that will be an issue into the afternoon hours. the bus stop, not the best time for kids to be standing out there, even at 3:00 this afternoon. if you can pick the kids up, that is a good idea.
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81 will be the temperature. we'll talk more president exact timing of these storms, also download the weather app. i sent out a brand new pub alert about the tornado watch that is in effect until 10:00 for marion and for sumter county, likely to be expanded into central sections soon. that means conditions are favorable for tornadoes. a lot to talk about, but first, let's get to the roads and talk about what is going on out there right now. it is dry. amy in the traffic center. >> thank you so much. dry roads certainly do help. we have limited issues on the being. traveling around ocala, the villages, over in donnelen. you can see your average speeds are fantastic. it is the case for all of central florida. look at any area around you, sanford, altamonte springs, orlando, out by ocoee, no problems this morning. my live camera slookdz light on volume. look at the expressway by hiawassee, a couple of cars out
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that's your check on traffic. >> a chiccup for the new bear safety ordinance. >> why one community is exempt from fines. plus -- >> tempers boil over at a school board meeting. >> first, parts of central florida are under a tornado watch. troy bridges is pinpointing that severe threat and what it means
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>> we have a weather alert to bring you as we continue with the severe threat all afternoon. there is a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning for marion and for sumter county, meaning conditions are favorable for tornadoes. taking you into the future, 8:00 this morning, northern and northwestern zones. marion, sumter county, seeing this line move in first. 10:00 through lunchtime along i-4. the worst possible timing if you are making plans to hit the roads later today.
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into brevard county. we goin dry out through 6:00. a fairly quick mover. a good bit of the afternoon. we are still dealing with this chance for severe weather. coming up, we'll talk about how strong these storms will be. all that in a few minutes. >> trou has been sending out push alerts on today's weather all day long. you can get it for free by searching wkm dpshgs and downloading that app in your app store. >> a measure in brevard county has been tabled for now. >> it is after tempers flared during the a debate on the proposed policy. >> i want this to go away. it want it to be so far buried down a deep well that your grandchildren won't even be looking at it when they are sitting in your seat. >> religious convictions fueled most of the arguments with many saying a change in the policy
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discrimination on christian children. the man behind the proposed change said people are misinterpreting the policy's intent. >> the board decided to hold off on sending policy changes to a hearing saying they want to work out kinks before bringing it back later. >> after officials implemented new rules from keeping neighborhoods safe from bears one community won't have to abide by that ordinance. according to the sentinel homeowners in the woodlands neighborhood east of i-4 will not be fined for leaving trash cans unsecured. last month some people in this neighborhood asked to be exempt from the change because they say they have never seen bears. that neighborhood does fall under a caution zone meaning they may have to follow the ordinance if crews see an
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>> ramon castro has died. following the cuban revolution in 1959 the older castro often worked as a consultant for the government ministries forral culture and sugar. ramon castro was 91. >> orange county public schools holding meetings to discuss the release on grades. they will have nine meetings to discuss the changes with parents and community members. the first meeting is tonight at 6:00 at boone high school. schools received a b overall grade from the state. >> the minor league ball club is combining the best of both worlds at the con suggestion stand. >> the ratlers will be offering fans quite the heart stopper, you could say. look at this. i saw this earlier. i thought, my goodness.
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it is $22 sami consisting of four patties wrapped in pepperoni. the team executive chef is the man behind other tasty options. he made headlines last year with a bacon cheeseburger stuffed inside funnel cake, which you can see in this photo along with other creations. that is for sharing, that's for sure. >> just something about minor league baseball, it is fun, the food is fun. there is always some kind of gimmick going on. it is a good time. >> i would take that pizza, just that one slice. >> it is good for a minute and then you regret it later. we'll pinpoint storms. a severe weather alert day. we want you to be aware of what is going on.
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effect until 10:00 let's get you to it and show you what we are pinpointing, the risk of severe weather. i'mup dating you on the radio on 105.9. mix 105.1 and 101 radioment we'll keep you up to date. the severe weather threat and before 5:00, mainly will be those strong wind gusts. the winds greater than 50 miles an hour. we cannot rule out one or two rotating storms that could lead to a tornado. here's the tornado watch, for two counties, marion and sumter until 10:00 this morning. here is the severe timeline. an important graphic for you to see. between 8:00 this morning and 10:00 this morning in northwestern zones, winds that could cause damage. winds and tornadoes possible between 10:00 and 2:00. again from 2:00 this afternoon until 5:00 this afternoon,
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osceola and brevard county seeing these storms and then they eventually push out. by 6:00 to want, looking better. here's the radar, light to moderate rain pushing into areas of sumter county. the worst of it to the north. lots of severe storms in georgia. this continues to slide to the north. the worst of it will be north of us. we can't rule out one or two stronger storms moving in throughout the tay. 70 in ocala it is 71 in cocoa beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we take you through the day. we are at 78 at noon. 81 by 4:00. the highest coverage of rain at 80% at lunchtime. we pinpoint it here with the clouds and rain forecast. western zones, in marion county, sumter county, northern lake county, 11:00, along i-4. continuing to push through. notice lingering through 1:00,
6:22 am
then it gips by 5:00 to push into brevard county and we dry out and cool down the down. we'll be dealing with that tonight as temperatures drop into the 40's and 50's. before that, low 80's. that will set the stage with the humid air for more storms. tomorrow's high, 68. we stay dry. tomorrow through the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> very busy in the weather center. as far as the roads go, your commute is off to a tame start. we'll see how that evolves. right now, no concerns. i-95 showing nice conditions as you happen to be moving by palm coast. you have southbound cars, two or three coming towards you at this point. your drive times, construction is out of the way. no big accidents on the major roadways here. i-4, it looks like westbound, eastbound sides, you are right on time. that's your check on traffic. back now to you. >> 6:22.
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. >> sglf some bad news for chocolate lovers. >> reps for mars announced they are recalling millions of mars, snickers and milky way bars because plastic was found in one of its products that can make you choke. they are marked with best before dates between june and october 2016. fortunately most u.s. consumers should not be affected. >> coming up, breaking news out of daytona beach. >> we are live at the scene of a shooting just ahead. plus -- >> you are going to be proud of your president and you are going to be prouder of your country. >> another big night for domed trump. this time in nevada. what it means moving forward. >> breaking news as a tornado causes problem in the panhandle. we'll check out the damage left behind next. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central
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>> a tornado watch as a line of storms begins to move in. that weather has turned deadly across parts of the south. >> reports of multiple people being shot in daytona beach. we are live working to get you answers from police and if the dangerous gunman could be on the run. >> in 2016, the results are in from the caucuses. it is another big night for donald trump. our big story this morning, the weather. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. the strong line of showers and storms is starting to move into marion county. some of this weather could turn severe. we see a line developing. the tornado watch in effect for 10:00, for marion and for sumter county, likely to expand into the next couple of hours. right now, light rain. within the next couple of hours, the risk for severe weather does go up. by 8:00, through 4:00, 5:00, the main threat. strong wind gusts. winds greater than 50 miles an
6:31 am
tating storms that could lead to tornadoes. there's the watch until 10:00. we'll watch to see if that expands. likely it will. the break doub and severe weather alert day. 81 at 4:00 with the highest coverage of rain at 80% at lunchtime. most of the storms at that point at the noon hour right along i-4 and pushing into eastern zones. and let you know how strong these storms can be. thank you so much. we'll enjoy our drive while we can. traveling i-4 westbound around deltona, we have debris in the roadway. it is scattered between mile markers as you make your way between 108 and 104. flashing lights on the expressway.
6:32 am
eastbound side this morning by good holmes road. it is not impacting your traffic. back to you. >> we are getting a new look at damage in the florida panhandle after a tornado carves a path of direction. >> emergency workers trying to find anyone who could be in trouble. that tornado ripped a two mile path through the city last night destroying several homes and apartments. cars flipped over, trees knocked down. some shelters have been opened to help people forced out of their homes. the storm system has already been deadly, three people dead after nearly a dozen other twisters touched down in louisiana and in mississippi. 30 years had to be rushed to the hospital. many more people watched as entire sections of their neighborhood were just destroyed.
6:33 am
when it came over. it takes your breast away. it is an indescribable feeling. it was scary. >> storm from the same system set to roll through later this morning. we have that threat for severe weather. keep that in mind. that's why we keep on saying, now is a time to make sure you have your pinpoint weather app. you can view any alerts for your neighborhood and check live radar any time. just search wkmg in your app store. >> in brevard county where police are investigating two shootings at different scenes. everything happened in the past few hours. that's where we find johnny live this morning. police really are tight-lipped so far. >> yeah, that's right. we put in multiple calls and e-mails to the spokesperson with police. at this moment, we have not heard back from them. according to those reports, we heard two people were shot in
6:34 am
i want to show you video from the scene overnight. look at the video. we watched as multiple police cruisers and officers swarmed both of those scenes, blocking off roads at one point. it appears one of those victims was shot right near the police athletic league center. we don't have information on their conditions or if a dangerous gunman down on the loose in this neighborhood behind me. coming back live. now, the scene right here behind me here on ingram boulevard did clear up. i'm going to be reaching back out to daytona beach police to try to get more answers. once i get that information, i'll pass it to you on air and online. johnny is live in daytona beach. thank you. breaking overnight in orange county, parts of a neighborhood are under water after a hit and run crash that turned messy here.
6:35 am
on brandis avenue after firefighters say a car hit a hydrant along that road and kept going. >> we are working to figure out if the driver will face charges. >> more breaking news in election 2016. >> nevada caucus results came in overnight. it is another big win for donald trump. mark lehman is is breaking down those numbers. what is up in. >> donald trump was expected to win going into the nevada caucus but he took that victory in a big way. the gop front runner brought in 46% of the vote. that marked nearly double that of his next competitor marco rubio and rounding out the top three. ted cruz at 21%. this brought cheers to trump campaign as this brings him one step closer to a possible nomination.
6:36 am
president and you'll be prouder of your country, ok? >> collecting his third victory this primary season, donald trump wins big in nevada. polls showing many leaning away from those perceived as establishment candidates. >> a lot of politicians say a lot of things. they haven't been able to go out in the real world and make that happen. he has done that. >> his closest rival is battling for second place heading into supertuesday next week. >> two weeks from tonight your state will get to weigh in. marco rubio pent the evening campaigning in michigan while ted cruz greeted caucus goers and taking aim at the republican front runner. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> ben carson and john kasich finished at the bottom of the caucus. many have been calling for them to get out of the race with the
6:37 am
it appears both are staying in the campaign. >> in volusia county, working to figure out what caused this wildfire that burned near lake ashby yesterday. sky 6 flew over the scene. we were told that first the fire was connected to some sort of a controlled burn but florida forest service crusade they don't know how the fire started and they are investigating. fortunately, no homes were businesses were damaged. >> another pretrial hearing is set for the case for matthew apperson. prosecutors say he shot at zimmerman during a confrontation along lake mary boulevard. it is the second day in a row the case has been back in the news. a judge ruled apperson indigent, clearing the way for him to get legal fee help. >> despite the forecast of rain, crews sea there is roughly 60%
6:38 am
the rocket will be carrying communications satellite into space. the last attempt ended in a fiery crash. tonight's hour and a half launch window opens at 6:46. if the launch happens, you can see it live on >> the power ball jackpot is on the rise. >> no one matched all of the numbers in the power ball saturday night with the 214 million dollar jackpot. feeling lucky again, it is time to play. the only place to see tonight's power ball drawing is live on news 6. the drawing happens at 10:59 10:59. >> it seems like every week there is a reason to go to the gas station and pick up a lottery ticket. >> i sent out a push alert with the weather app. search wkmg in the app store. walking out the door in the next
6:39 am
what to expect, i'll keep updating you. what i pinpointed was the rain. the rain beginning to move in. donnelen seeing light to moderate rain. the stuff to the north likely to move north of redick. here is where this line of light to moderate rain will be heading next. within two minutes, for coleman within 28 minutes as that is likely to hold together. here is the timeline, northwestern zones between 8:00 northwestern zones between 8:00 this morning and 10:00 this morning, areas like marion county, lake county seeing strong winds. right along i-4, bad timing at lunchtime. eastern areas including brevard county and osceola county, seeing strong winds and a rotating storm or two. 81 with an 80% coverage of
6:40 am
pick up the kids if you can let's check object roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> i want to give you debris in the roadway. it is scattered between 108 and 104 this morning. as far as your drive times go. no major interruptions at this point. i-4 looks great. 95 in either direction. nice smooth travel and my live camera turning up zero issues. lease your check on traffic, back over to you. >> a major airline is pushing for flights to cuba. >> what carrier could offer trips to the island by the end of the year. >> a woman on camera stealing from a restaurant. what police say she took as workers stood nearby. >> continuing to follow breaking
6:41 am
an update on what is left mind is next. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for sanford, ocoee and all of central florida on the air and on the news 6 app. we'll be right back. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> just waking up, following breaking news from overnight in the panhandle. several homes even parts of an apartment complex destroyed. it is part of a strong storm system heading this way to central florida. right now, parts of the area are under a tornado watch. troy bridges is pinpointing how this severe weather threat will affect us inless than three minutes. you can get updates any time and much more by downloading our free app. go to the app store, search wkmg or go to, powered by news 6. look at the top of the home page. >> this teen accused of running down a deputy came face to face with his victim as he faced a judge for the first time. sergeant marcy pierce walked into court on crutches determined to be there as 15-year-old john carlos made his
6:45 am
deputies say sergeant pierce was trying to arrest ortiz on a burglary warrant when he hit the gas in a stolen car tossing her to the hood. as for sergeant pierce, she is still trying to deal with what happened to her. >> ortiz will be back in court next month. prosecutors have 30 days to decide if that teen will be charged as an adult. >> new concerns over the zika virus. officials say there is a fifth confirmed case in the area, this time in seminole county. that brings the state-wide total to 29 cases. seminole being the 11th county in the state to have a confirmed case. health officials say all the cases are travel related and do not involve pregnant women.
6:46 am
theft happened on idrive south of fun spot. . she gets up, walked to the register. helps herself to the tip jar money. puts it in her pocket and sits back down. police asking anyone who knows something about this or recognizes that woman to call the crimeline. >> the largest airline at the orlando airport could be flying in and out of cuba. southwest is expected to file paperwork to compete for newly open routes to the country. during a meeting, the ceo says they plan to start flying to cuba by the end of the year. others have already said they too plan on submitting applications to provide commercial air travel to cuba. >> everyone can't always carry the perfect tune.
6:47 am
not so great voices to belt out their best. >> kind of sounds like troy bridges. >> really? >> this is a tuneless choir. it is for people who lack confidence to sing in public or those who need a bit more practice. >> the woman behind the choir got the idea after a music teacher told her she wasn't good enough to sing in public. she said it is about how much fun those in the group have. >> even though dave can't sing we love that it makes him happy to do it during the commercial break. >> we are going to be dealing with storms today. they'll continue through the
6:48 am
the risk for us will be strong winds and the possibility of a couple of rotating storms. we have been pushing out our push alerts on the pinpoint weather app. also listen to me throughout the morning, i'll be updating the folks on the raid yes at 105.9 sunny and 101 .9 amp radio. the tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning for marion and for sumter county. that will likely expand into other areas. the main line still out to the west. up north of us through gainesville. they have severe weather with strong wind. marion county seeing some of that light to moderate rain pushing in. north of marion county, the most severe weather right now as we pinpoint where it is heading. areas of pushness, center hill
6:49 am
some of that moderate to at times heavy rain. so far not severe. here's an important graphic to know what to expect and the timing. northwestern zones, northern lake county, between 8:00 this morning and 10:00 this morning, likely to see strong winds. even the possibility of tornadoes. by 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. along i-4. not good timing at lunchtime today. we'll be on at noon and before if we need to about the severe weather. there will be the threat of tornadoes as well as strong winds greater than 50 miles an hour. from 2:00 this afternoon until 5:00 this afternoon, eastern areas, seeing the chance for many of those rotating storms. by 6:00, 7:00, it is out of here. near 70 in most spots. a 40% coverage through 8:00 this morning, going up to 80% of the area at lunchtime. a 50% coverage of rain at 4:00 with temperatures making it up into the low 80's, just before builds in.
6:50 am
clouds and rain forecast, taking you into the future at 9:00 this morning, our northern and northwestern zones and then continuing through 11:00, through lunchtime, through i-4. not good timing for a lot of folks who may be taking their lunch break to take errands. plan for later this evening evening. through 2:00, still seeing it on i-4. by 6:00, lingering showers giping to push out altogether before the rain, in the low 80's by 3:00. a drastic change in temperatures. this is a strong storm system. rain chances out of the picture across the board through the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> thank you very much. here's what you need to know
6:51 am
an accident, localized roads in orlando, over on woodbridge, we have a crash reported this morning. maybe an extra minute or two, not the worst idea, as far as picking up the pace. looking at i-4, these are westbound cars coming towards you. although we are adding company this morning, still no highways. that's your check on traffic. we'll go back to you now. >> 6:51 now. a check of the big headlines of the day including the breaking news in the panhandle.
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climb, launch, roar, and soar all year. pay for a day, play all year. and if you get the busch gardens fun card now, you'll also get an adventure island fun card for free. limited time offer. visit busch gardens tampa dot com for details. >> if you are heading out, here's a check of the big story. >> we have a tornado watch in effect, that's through 10:00 this morning for marion and
6:55 am
that will likely expand of any other spots as we continue to pinpoint big storms. you can see the radar. that is bringing in the rain to the north. some of the strorpg storms north of marion county. now marion county seeing a little more moderate rain. 80% coverage of storms as we head into the noon hour. a 50% coverage at 4:00. the worst of it at lunchtime. >> the same storm system is blamed for causing major damage along the northeast. >> we have been watching incredible video overnight after a tornado caused widespread damage in pensacola. we know several homes and even an apartment complex were damaged, trees and cars were tossed along a two mile stretch. tornadoes are blamed for three deaths. all of this, this same system
6:56 am
right now. >> mark, we are working to get answers from police after reports of two people being shot here overnight. we watched as officers officers, we know one shooting happened here outside the police athletic center. i will be pressing for answers. once i get new updates, i'll post them online. in a few hours, the mother accused of shooting and killing her son will go before a judge. police say virginia ortega shot blake howard while he was in the shower. he is charged with first degree premeditated murder. >> so far, we have a kind of normal commute under way. we'll see how that changes. normal pace on i-4, a live look at kennedy boulevard. >> we know you'll watch the storms closely. we'll be on the air if anything
6:57 am
>> before you hit the road make sure you have the pinpoint weather app to check the radar and see any and all alerts issued for central florida. it is free. all you do is search wkmg in your app store. >> pushed out alerts, talking about that tornado watch until 10:00. a large part of central florida through the afternoon likely to see these storms. >> thank you for joining us.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through the air. tens of millions could still be in danger. donald trump wins the nevada caucuses in a landslide. marco rubio surges to second.


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